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OPM Cyber Breach Resource Center

UPDATED 8/20/2015
To keep you up-to-date on the government’s actions across the entire range of issues relating to the OPM breach and security clearances processing, PSC has created a special resource center where we have already collected official government documents, copies of PSC’s communications, news articles and an ongoing series of questions and answers.

Government Contracting in 2015: Balancing Risks to Reap Rewards

Event Highlights

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 2:     Dialogue Series Lunch with Frank Kendall 
 8:     Contract Finance & Cash Flow Committee Meeting 
 9:     ABPC and Defense Council Joint Meeting 
 10:     ABPC: Smart Contracting Working Group
 10:     ABPC: Improving Pre-Award Acquisition Planning Working Group
 11:     Government Affairs Committee Meeting
 15:     Technology Council Meeting