PSC: Divisive, Parochial Interests Should Not Drive Budget Decisions

Arlington, VA, January 18, 2013—The Professional Services Council today sharply criticized the American Federation of Government Employees for urging the executive branch to focus its budget reduction efforts on federal contractors because AFGE incorrectly believes contractors have been largely “spared” any impacts from the government’s fiscal challenges.  

“AFGE’s perspective is wrong on multiple levels” said PSC President and CEO Stan Soloway. “To start with, they ignore the thousands of contractor jobs that have already been cut, as well as the thousands more that will have to be cut in the execution of the OMB and DoD implementation guidance. Even worse, their perspective ignores entirely the best interests of the agencies and the taxpayer.”

“We cannot approach our current fiscal crisis solely on the basis of parochial interest. Every community that supports the government is already being affected, and will continue to be affected, by the government’s fiscal challenges,” Soloway continued. “That includes federal employees, contractors, grantees, state and local entities and more. None of us like it, but we all must face it. As we have repeatedly stated, rather than arbitrarily targeting one community or the other, agencies must be free to strategically determine how to meet their individual short- and long-term mission requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.”


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