Time's Up. Leadership Needed Now.

An Open Letter to the President and Congress

Arlington, VA, February 26, 2013—The Professional Services Council today published an open letter to the president and Congress urging them to reach a compromise on sequestration and other pressing economic issues. If no agreement is reached by Friday, sequestration will go into effect.

“Time is up,” members of PSC’s Executive Committee said in the letter on behalf of the 360 member companies of the association. The letter was sent to the White House and all congressional offices and printed in two publications today.

“We…urge you in the strongest terms to act quickly and collaboratively to avoid the threatened sequestration and finally address the fiscal uncertainty that is undermining the government’s ability to execute its many and complex missions,” they said. “To fail to act, or to again delay critical decisions without an agreed upon roadmap for future action, is tantamount to ensuring that inefficiency will be the hallmark of our government for years to come.”

Although the business community appreciates the difficulties the president and Congress face in resolving the fiscal crisis, PSC’s leaders wanted to voice their concerns that, after more than 18 months of anticipating sequestration, both branches have failed to act to stop this manufactured component of the fiscal crisis.

PSC President and CEO Stan Soloway said, “Our association’s leaders, like many others in the business community, believe strongly that the health of our economy, including jobs creation and retention, mandates a combination of strong government leadership, collaboration with affected companies and balanced compromise.”

“The professional services industry understands the necessity and inevitability of federal spending reductions and accepts that it will feel its share of the associated pain,” Soloway said. “But, in making those reductions, agencies should have the flexibility to do so strategically, collaboratively and holistically so as not to hurt mission execution.”

Click here to download a PDF of the letter.