PSC Questions OPM Decision to Cancel Training Procurement

Arlington, Va., February 19, 2014—The Professional Services Council raised questions and concerns with the Office or Personnel Management regarding its recent and sudden cancellation of a major training contract competition a year after bids were submitted, in a letter sent to OPM Director Katherine Archuleta yesterday.

Many PSC members were among the scores of companies that submitted proposals for the Customized Human Resources Solutions Services contract, the follow-on to OPM’s Training and Management Assistance (TMA) contract, the largest training contract in the federal government. OPM canceled the procurement in a one sentence announcement on February 7.

“These companies expended substantial and precious resources in order to propose the best possible solutions for the government, and have been waiting more than a year since proposals were submitted for a final award decision from OPM,” said PSC President and CEO Stan Soloway. “OPM has provided little explanation to companies about why their combined investment of tens of millions of dollars is now being thrown away.”                                                      

“The fact that the government’s needs may have changed as the federal procurement plodded along does not mean bidders and potential contract users do not have a reasonable expectation for more transparency and insight into what needs changed, why modification of the solicitation wasn’t an option, and how OPM is planning to fill the needs once TMA’s extension expires,” Soloway said.

Of specific concern to members is whether it is true that the follow-on requirements will not be reissued for two to three years. There is also concern as to whether OPM is planning to insource any of the related work and, if so, what kind of financial and other analyses have been done to support that decision.

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