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Who defines "fair and reasonable" contract pricing anyway? (4/8/2014)
With a new DoD deviation requiring contracting officers to affirm that prices for orders made via GSA Multiple Awards Schedules are fair and reasonable, PSC Executive Vice President and Counsel Alan Chvotkin explains the effects this could have on th
Convergence in the market: Darwin's delight (3/17/2014)
Convergence of technology and professional services has been high on the agenda at Marketview 2014. Stan Soloway took on the issue in his latest Washington Technology column.
Why we should be thankful that the Beatles weren't contractors (3/4/2014)
In his latest Washington Business Journal column, PSC’s Stan Soloway talks about the “zero defect delusion” and how this fear of failure is inhibiting the government’s ability to innovate and succeed.
What the administration can — and should — acknowledge in the budget (2/26/2014)
As the White House prepares to release the fiscal year 2015 budget, PSC’s Alan Chvotkin suggests several policies the president should address.
Improving federal IT: It's more than a process problem (1/17/2014)
In his latest Washington Business Journal column, PSC President and CEO Stan Soloway considers whether White House proposals to improve federal IT are bold enough to solve the problems.
Parallel realities: Two views of the same acquisition world (12/13/2013)
Stan Soloway tackles the “parallel realities” of DoD acquisition and the differing views on everything from LPTA to the quality of the acquisition workforce, in his latest Washington Business Journal column.
Weak processes stymie DOD cost-control efforts (12/3/2013)
Read Stan Soloway’s insights and takeaways on DoD's technology and human capital crises from a recent national defense conference in his latest Washington Technology column.
Avoiding another goes beyond procurement reform; it requires addressing obstacles ranging from politics to people to policy to operational coordination and collaboration, writes PSC Pres. & CEO Soloway in a Nov. 14 column.
Viewpoint: On workforce costs, let facts trump dogmatism (11/11/2013)
PSC set the record straight about contractor compensation in a Nov. 11 Federal Times column, responding to a piece by AFGE President J. David Cox. Cox’s column contained many factual errors about the relative costs of contractors as compared to feder
Post shutdown: Back to business as usual? (10/23/2013)
In his latest Washington Technology column, PSC's Stan Soloway ponders whether it will be back to business as usual after the shutdown or whether the government and its contractors can use this as an opportunity to tackle past challenges.
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