2020 Federal Acquisition Conference Recap

Industry leaders discussed where the market is headed.

Conference Recap


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Media Coverage

Pentagon to Unveil New Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for Defense Contractors
JDsupra.com – 6/10/19

The New Way Security Factors into Acquisitions
Fifthdomain.com -6/13/19

As GSA Consolidates Buying Schedules, Special Item Numbers are Due for Cuts
FCW.com – 6/13/19

Stephanie Shutt: GSA Eyes Consolidation of Special Item Numbers
Executivegov.com – 6/14/19

The 2020 NDAA Takes up a Common Cause: Acquisition Reform
Fedscoop.com – 6/13/19
DoD Briefing Slides on 'Securing the Supply Chain'
InsideDefense.com – 6/13/19 (subscription)

DoD to Streamline Cyber Acquisition With New Certification Model
Meritalk.com – 6/13/19

DOD Says 'Security is an allowable cost' in Shift Toward New Cyber Certification
Insidedefense.com – 6/13/19

Pentagon says 'security is an allowable cost' in shift to cyber certification
InsideCybersecurity.com – 6/14/19 (subscription)

DoD Unveils Plans for Contractor Cybersecurity Standards
Fedscoop.com – 6/14/19

DoD Official Says Cyber Is An Allowable Contractor Cost
Law360.com - 6/14/19

Why DoD’s decision to make cybersecurity an ‘allowable cost’ matters
FederalNewsNetwork.com – 6/17/19


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