2020 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Richard A. Stone
Executive in Charge
Veterans Health Administration

Kimberly Brandt
Principal Deputy Administrator for Policy and Operations

Dr. Barclay Butler
Assistant Director-Management and Component Acquisition Executive

Featured Sessions

National Health Priorities
Senior government officials will share perspectives and progress in implementing national healthcare priorities stemming from urgent public health threats such as opioid abuse, suicide, vaping, HIV/AIDS, and even the impacts of increasing natural disasters. The panel will discuss major Federal initiatives related to prevention, preparedness, and operational responses and how the professional services community can collaborate with the government to address today’s emerging healthcare threats.

Technology Panel
Disruptive technologies offer the promise of new value yet challenge the status quo and can significantly alter the way Federal health agencies operate by replacing older systems and practices.  Federal health agencies have important mission needs and business drivers that can be enabled by technology.  Current disruptive technologies to consider include artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud computing, agile development, devsecops, and user-centered design.  Federal IT leaders must balance ongoing operations with adopting disruptive technologies to advance the agency mission.  

Acquisition Panel
Acquisition officials discuss an overview of the procurement landscape, Acquisition officials will discuss the status of a few major procurements and innovative acquisition process changes. What can you expect the remainder of FY20 and into FY21?