Readiness. It is the hallmark of our nation’s great military mission and legacy; it is the foundational expression of what our fighting men and women depend upon to uphold the enduring American principles of freedom and liberty in a dangerous world.

As the U.S. military rises to meet the challenges of preparing for, and confronting more complex and asymmetric global threats, its methods, systems, equipment, technology and training must evolve. This is not a matter of conjecture, but one of necessity to ensure that our troops are well equipped for 21st century warfare and peacekeeping.

PSC’s Defense Services Conference in November convenes a distinguished group of senior leaders from the U.S. Department of Defense and the federal contracting community to discuss current initiatives and programs that can accelerate innovation, solutions and capabilities required to meet the future challenges faced by the future force. More importantly, the conference will develop a further understanding on how the defense services industry can best provide leading-edge solutions that meet or exceed government customers’ ever-changing requirements and demands of the future force. The ultimate goal is to have a force ready to meet their current and future threats and challenges.
For those of us in the defense services industry, it’s important that we understand the vital interplay of innovation and implementation among our national defense customers. We have to be at the ready to adapt our extensive expertise and capabilities to the needs and high standards of America’s armed forces. This has been abundantly evident as defense customers regularly meet the existing and evolving challenges of game-changing and technologically-driven military mission requirements. Geopolitical, technological, and mission specific demands continuously pressure the innovation of the force and its supporting services industry.

In the spirit of this inaugural conference theme — Strategy, Needs & Solutions for the Future Force: A-Government -Industry Partnership — leaders in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps will define what their future force requirements will entail and discuss strategies on how the private sector services industry can best collaborate on meeting readiness goals contained within both modernization requirements and mobilization demands.

Our military is under constant pressure to do more with less. I believe the defense services community can support our customers’ future requirements, but we, too, will have to operate on a higher level. This will involve finding answers to complex issues:
• How do we align future technologies to future national security and defense requirements?
• How do we incorporate advanced predictive technology applications into future requirements that are constantly changing?
• How do we ensure the right level of technical competency, training and readiness of the force demanded by these advanced systems and ever-changing technologies and solutions?

While we tend to think of innovative solutions in terms of new technology, solutions can also come in the form of new types of services that offer improvements on the old ways of doing things, meet previously unidentified needs, or fill gaps in the requirements or market. More often, innovative solutions use technology to support and dispatch new services; often the best solutions are a combination of technology and services. Innovative solutions can also be essential to the future force requirements, which are tasked with partnering with companies to create a culture of innovation and create meaningful solutions to highly complex issues. 

The partnership by government and industry to address these issues and others is more urgent than ever given the rate of change in the military readiness of our adversaries, both large and small,
as they utilize sophisticated technology and weaponry.

These are the issues and ideas our panel of experts will discuss at the conference. Don’t take my word for it, come see and hear for yourself. Join me and our great line up of speakers at the 2019 PSC Defense Services Conference. I look forward to seeing you there.
This article was published October 30, 2019 in the Fall 2019 edition of PSC's Service Contractor Magazine. Click here to view the PDF of this release.