Member Spotlight:
Growing Opportunity and Peace for Women in North Darfur

By Alexandra Frank, Director of Communications, DT Global | March 12, 2020


Shagra, a small village located just north of El Fasher, North Darfur, is known for its high quality agricultural products, rich soil, and underground water reservoir. Despite this abundance, many women in this part of Darfur have experienced increased economic and social burdens as a result of the ongoing instability in Sudan. Nadia Ibrahim, a 38-year old mother of two, has felt the struggles of the consistent conflict firsthand.  

 Implemented by DT Global, the USAID-funded Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan (TEPS) program created the Shagra Women’s Peace Farm. The project provided a solar system, water tank and seedlings, and trained more than 200 women on project management skills, successful agricultural techniques, democracy, and civic engagement. Nadia, one of these women, has gone on to become Chairwoman of the farm – a position that allowed her to increase her household income, participate in a peace building social dialogue, and gave her the opportunity to work towards a brighter future for her family. 

The Shagra Peace Farm has allowed Nadia and over 500 direct beneficiaries to improve their nutrition and income through the cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes, sesame, and okra. The produce that doesn’t feed local families is sold at the local Shagra market, increasing income for local women. In addition to securing economic stability and increased resilience, the women in the Peace Farm community have been able to reduce tensions between themselves through increased dialogue on social cohesion and peace building.  

For Nadia, it’s already clear that the sky is the limit. Being a leader comes naturally to her; since the Peace Farm began, she has participated in several trainings and capacity building sessions, learning about everything from good governance to the value of transparency in leadership. She has moved up the ranks from Chairwoman of the farm to become the lead representative for the Shagra Women’s Development Council, where she is fighting for the need for better natural resource management in Darfur. Already Nadia’s leadership and activism, in collaboration with local partners, has led to the establishment of a new public forest. Even more impressive in her newest appointment; just this month, Nadia was nominated to represent the women of Darfur in the Juba peace process and help to envision a new, peaceful future for her country.

Nadia is the perfect embodiment of DT Global’s belief that, when women are given a voice and a chance to dream and work hard, the possibilities are endless.



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