PSC Supports Long-Awaited Repeal of Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rules

Nov. 7, 2017

Arlington, V.A. (Nov. 7, 2017) – The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council and the Department of Labor separately published a final rule and action on Nov. 6 in the Federal Register, rescinding their respective regulations and guidance implementing President Obama’s Executive Order 12866 on “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces.” PSC welcomes the final action to rescind the Fair Pay rule and guidance, an action long advocated for and anticipated by the voice of the government technology and professional services industry.

PSC strongly supports efforts to ensure federal contractors’ compliance with applicable labor laws, but we believe that adequate mechanisms already exist to do so. The Fair Pay regime would have significantly increased the compliance burden for both contractors and federal agencies without commensurately benefitting either. However, PSC remains opposed to a provision in the FY18 NDAA, Senate section 830, that seeks to implement a highly similar labor compliance regime, and we will continue to advocate for its exclusion from the final bill. 
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