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August 11, 2022

With no meeting or CIDC Now newsletter in July, there are many things to catch up on, but not before we note that this month’s speaker will be USAID’s new head of Foreign Operations, Shirley Baldwin. She has worked with much of the CIDC community in the field during her time at the agency and is excited to engage with us in her new role. Please use the link below to register for this August 18 event. PSC continues to engage with new appointees to the Biden administration and is reaching out to the newly confirmed Assistant Administrator for Africa to hear from him about the White House’s just-released Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa – details below.


Speaking of recent arrivals, our June meeting with USAID’s new A/A for Legislative and Public Affairs - Jodi Herman continues to bear fruit, as our discussion with her has led to multiple exchanges with PSC on a variety of follow-up issues. One of these resulted in our meeting this Monday with AID officials guiding the new Localization policy. Some 75 CIDC members attended and heard glowing references to CIDC’s earlier paper on the topic –  (released a year ago this month) – and the fact that it continues to influence the discussion. Additionally, we have a separate meeting on Wednesday, August 17 on issues of concern regarding Facilities Clearances – please log in to your PSC account and register on the .


August marks the one-year anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. USAID has reached out to PSC to ask if CIDC members can work with them to help place many former Afghan staff. Please contact me if you can help. The crisis in Ukraine rages on, and while the White House has continued to send billions in arms and ammunition to fight the illegal Russian invasion –  – PSC continues to remind Administration officials of the need to coordinate more effectively with its implementing partners regarding reconstruction and capacity building efforts for that shattered country, beyond .


Hard to believe, but our CIDC annual Development Conference is fast approaching. PSC has already reached out to several key officials for possible keynote address opportunities, but we need to hear from you! Please send me your ideas and keep your eyes out for a CIDC Conference Committee announcement any day now.


Finally, our “From the Field” stories this month highlight  innovative work in Egypt with Green Bonds to raise capital for climate-related initiatives.  reports on its work ensuring East Timor’s trade policies and regulations comport to international standards and ensure a smooth-running port in Dili. Please contact me to help us get the word out about the great work CIDC members are doing to make the world a better place.


Vice President, International Development Affairs


Next Up


Thursday, August 18; from Noon – 1 p.m. ET



Shirley Baldwin

Deputy Director, Foreign Operations

Office of Acquisition and Assistance




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From the Field

Ahmed Kouchouk, Egypt’s Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policies, speaks at Egypt’s launch of the groundbreaking green bond, valued at $750 million. Photo: MESR for USAID.

Green Bonds Accelerate Investment in Climate-Smart Solutions in Egypt

By Gareth Davies, Jette Findsen, and David Hall


Egypt—one of the world’s hotspots for extreme climate vulnerability—is at increasing risk of sea-level rise, water scarcity, and extreme weather events, which could damage the country’s infrastructure, food security, human health, and ecosystems, threatening its macroeconomic stability and long-term competitiveness.

Read more

Hannington (standing) mentors peers from local community service organizations in Uganda on financial compliance. Photo credit: Ann Katusiime

IBI Continues Supporting Trade Governance Reform in Timor-Leste

By Matthew Willis


In April of 2022, IBI was awarded a prime contract to implement the USAID/Timor-Leste Trade Governance Activity (TGA). This 40-month program will support the government of Timor-Leste as it develops trade systems that are more efficient, transparent, accountable, and compliant with international standards and obligations.


The primary objectives of the Activity are as follows:

  • Trade governance strengthened
  • Trade operations optimized to meet international standards
  • Trade facilitation and use of trade facilitation systems and instruments increased.
Read more

PSC Matters

On June 21, PSC released its fourth annual evaluation of the Business Forecasts prepared by more than 60 USG agencies. This annual exercise has led to several OMB discussions with PSC regarding what constitutes an effective forecast, as well as conversations with multiple agencies regarding how to improve theirs. While USAID lost its top perch, it scored among the best in the federal government. The Department of State’s forecast – following outreach and extensive conversations with PSC and CIDC in late December 2021 – moved up from Needs Improvement to Fair. Click on the graphic above to see the fifteen key attributes for an effective forecast and to view the full ratings and rankings. Click  to access the scorecard.


Joining multiple organizations in a  on the Cybersecurity Risk Management, Strategy, Governance, and Incident Disclosure proposed rule, PSC noted that “the SEC’s proposed rules neither recognize nor align with the evolving cybersecurity standards and disclosures required of these contractors,” such as the Department of Defense’s evolving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program. These comments encouraged the SEC to “consider the potentially contradictory, unnecessarily duplicative, or financially burdensome nature of its proposed rules when compared with the CMMC requirements” and discouraged the Commission from holding companies to a higher standard of cybersecurity than what is required of government agencies.

State/USAID Matters

  •  – current Dep. of Education CIO, to become USAID CIO.
  •  – current Policy Director at Dep. of State Office of Foreign Assistance, to become new head of USAID’s Bureau of Resource Management.
  •  is the Department of Sate’s new Director for the Office of Acquisition Management (AQM) and Head of Contracting Activity after serving at the U.S. Coast Guard, CBP and most recently U.S. Army Contracting Command.

State and AID Get High Marks from SBA:

Speaking of scorecards, the  received an “A+” and  earned an “A” rating on the federal government’s annual Small Business Procurement Scorecard for FY21 that was released August 4. SBA annually negotiates agency-specific U.S. small business prime contract and subcontract goals, which aim to ensure the U.S. Federal Government awards at least 23 percent of contracting dollars to U.S. small businesses.

Congress/White House Matters

U.S. Strategy Towards Sub-Saharan Africa Released


On August 8, the White House released a  focusing on the following key pillars:

1. Foster openness and open societies

2. Deliver democratic and security dividends

3. Advance pandemic recovery and economic opportunity

4. Support conservation, climate adaptation, and a just energy transition


Recent Confirmations:



Monde Muyangwa to be Assistant Administrator for Africa


Department of State:

Ambassadors to the following countries were confirmed by the Senate immediately prior to the August recess:


• Fiji

• Iceland

• Kazakhstan

• Malta

• Mongolia

• Nepal

• North Macedonia

• Qatar

• Slovakia

• Thailand

• Uzbekistan

• Zambia

Member News


Chemonics appointed  as their new Chief Information Officer.


Mergers & Acquisitions:

DT Global has completed its .



Deloitte published its .


Encompass LLC’s CEO Tessie Catsambas was featured by USAID in their posting “.”


Greenleaf Interactive published a piece “” in the recent Journal of Emergency Management.

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