Acquisition & Contracting

Past Performance Need Not Be Prologue in Government Contracts
Alan Chvotkin 5/30/2019
OTAs: Key Considerations for Stepping in the Growing Government Sandbox
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Opportunity for PSC members to present at DAU Contracting Course
PSC staff 4/12/2019
PSC Participates in CMS Reverse Industry Day
Bradley Saull 4/2/2019
VA’s Dr. Melissa Glynn Speaks at PSC
by Bradley Saull 3/12/2019
Opportunity for PSC members to present at DAU IT Acquisition Management Course
PSC staff 2/25/2019
CBP Seeks PSC Feedback to Improve Acquisition Process and Industry Engagement
By PSC Staff 12/5/2018
PSC Presents at HHS-wide Reverse Industry Day
Bradley Saull 10/11/2018
PSC Discussion with USCG Small Business and Industry Liaison
By Bradley Saull 10/1/2018
Sept. 2018 GAC Recap: IRS Discusses Fourth Quarter Spending
By PSC Staff 9/17/2018
FedHealth 2018 Recap
by Bradley Saull 8/13/2018