Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t recall my password; do you know what it is?

Contact the PSC membership department to have your password reset. Your login is always your email address.

Am I a PSC member?

Because membership is corporate, you are entitled to member benefits for as long as you remain employed by your company and your company remains a member of the association. To find out if your company is a member click here, or contact PSC directly.

Is membership individual or corporate?

Membership is corporate and open to an unlimited number of participants as long as they work for your company. PSC does not offer individual memberships.  

When does my membership end?

Membership with PSC is a one year term from your initial join date, unless your renewal date has been changed by PSC in the past. If you joined on or before December 15th, your renewal would be 11/31 of the following year. If you joined on or after December 16th your renewal would be 12/31 of the following year.  To find out exactly when your membership expires, contact the PSC membership department.

How do I update my company roster?  

You can send your request to review your roster to any member of the PSC Staff and have them make the updates for you, or if you are a membership point of contact for your company, you can view and edit your roster by going to the My Account page after logging in and selecting "edit company information" from the welcome window.  

I want to add or remove myself from PSC distribution lists. Where do I go to do that?

After you log in you can add and remove yourself from valuable PSC distribution lists by selecting Edit Profile from the My Account page.  On the subsequent page, select the tab called “Committees and Preferences.”  From here you can add and remove yourself from our distribution lists by toggling the check boxes next to your preferences.  Additionally, you can update your personal contact information.

I suddenly stopped receiving PSC notices, what should I do?

Contact PSC. A sudden change in your personal email settings may be sending our notices to your spam folder.  Additionally, your network may be blocking our notices.

How do you calculate my dues?

PSC dues are calculated based on two factors: your membership category and/or your annual revenue. Different dues amounts apply to different categories.

If you are a Regular Member, holding or seeking any government contracts, your dues are based on your total annual revenue.  

If you are an Associate Member, providing services to federal contractors, your dues are calculated based on what type of service you provide as well as your assets. For more information please contact the PSC membership department, or refer to the membership benefits page.

Are PSC membership dues deductible for federal income tax purposes?

Yes. PSC estimates that 91% of your dues may be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. The remaining portion is allocated for lobbying purposes and is therefore not deductible.

How do I pay my membership dues?

PSC offers several convenient methods for paying your membership dues.  
  • You can request an invoice by filling out your membership renewal or new member application and emailing it to An invoice will then be provided.
  • Using the same membership renewal or new member application, you can pay your dues using the credit card form on the back, then submit via email.
  • You can mail your member renewal or new member application to PSC along with your dues payment.
  • You can join or renew online, by logging in to the web site and from the My Account page selecting “Join or Renew.”  
Note: If you are not a membership point of contact for your company you cannot renew your dues online. Additionally, if your dues have not yet expired, you can’t pay online until the membership officially expires. To pay your new member dues online you must first create a profile for the web site, establish points of contact and complete an online application.  

I need some guidance on getting involved and how best to maximize my membership investment.

PSC offers engagement sessions to new members and veteran members to help you identify where your interests and PSC’s offerings intersect. We also offer market and policy briefings to members to provide valuable insight into the current market environment. To schedule either of these sessions, or get more information on engagement, fill out our engagement form and contact the membership department.

How often do PSC’s committees and task forces meet?

Several of PSC’s Committees and Task Forces meet on a regular basis, while others meet as needed. While some group meet on an ad hoc basis, we regularly send out information to the committee or task force distribution lists, so be sure to join any committees or task force that interest you and not necessarily just those with more frequent meetings.

I have an idea or would like to contribute an article for the PSC Service Contractor Magazine. Who do I contact?

PSC welcomes and reviews submissions to the Service Contractor Magazine from all members. For advertising information, contact Cassie Katz.