Human Resources & Labor Policy Committee

Serves as a forum to learn about the federal government’s efforts to ensure contractors are compliant with contract-unique requirements related to equal opportunity employment, prevailing wages and fringe benefits and other issues that could lead to contractor suspension or debarment.Meets regularly with the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division, the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs, and the Labor Advisors from the Department of Defense. 

Chairs:  Katie Leonard, Berenzweig Leonard
             Shae Wilborn, PAE

Information on the 2014 Labor Executive Orders

Compensation and Benefits Survey:

PSC is proud to partner with the Human Resource Association of theNational Capital Area (HRA-NCA) on its HRA-NCA Compensation Survey and Washington Baltimore Area Benefits Survey. PSC member’s receive discounts on these compensation and benefits reports. The compensation survey includes the Government Contractors Compensation Survey—a "special cut" of the survey specifically for government contractors.

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