Veterans Affairs Task Force (VATF)

The VATF serves as the focal point for PSC’s advocacy at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its component agencies. It is the primary arena for member companies to come together to address matters related to VA contracting and interface with senior VA officials, and provides an opportunity to exchange best practices and discuss the full range of issues related to doing business with the department. The task force will also concentrate on providing valuable input to the department about industry’s perspectives on the broad challenges facing the department.

Chairs: Julie Susman, Jefferson Consulting

Latest News

PSC Member Companies Salute our Veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day, PSC is proud to highlight some of the work our member companies do in support of our veterans. Click here.

Impact of Kingdomware Supreme Court Decision

The June 2016 U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Kingdomware Technologies requires the VA to award contracts to veteran-owned businesses under its “Rule of Two” process. The VA has issued interim guidance to the acquisition workforce to implement the Court’s decision. We will continue to watch the VA’s implementation of Kingdomware very carefully.

PSC Submits Whitepaper on VA Acquisition Practices

On August 27, 2015, Greg Giddens met with the Veterans Affairs Task Force. Mr. Giddens discussed the five pillars of the “MyVA” initiative to realign the Department to better serve veterans. He shared some of his ideas to improve the vendor experience and responded to a number of pre-submitted questions. Mr. Giddens also said he is planning to release Veterans Affairs Procurement Principles and a “Myth-Busters” document this fall. Mr. Giddens indicated that he would appreciate feedback and ideas on what PSC members want those documents to contain. Click here to view initial recommendations that PSC sent to the VA.

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