Civilian Agencies Council

The Civilian Agencies Council focuses on the acquisition policies and strategies of the civilian agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Energy and others. The Civilian Agencies Council conducts programs to inform member companies about civilian agencies’ policies and initiatives, and serves as a forum for greater dialogue between PSC and the civilian agencies through regular meetings, timely programs, and various other forums.

The Civilian Agencies Council's key goals and objectives are to:

  • Improve the quality of acquisition.
  • Reduce contractor compliance burdens (conflicts of interest, reporting, duplicative auditing).
  • Drive adoption of “Acquisition 360” at DHS and GSA.
  • Review and make recommendations on issues associated with the number and costs of redundant contract vehicles.
  • Provide critical support, guidance, and leadership on the development and piloting of alternative and workforce training tools and opportunities at targeted civilian agencies.
  • Increase the use of commercial best practices by completing an innovation template and piloting it at DHS.
  • Promote the industry’s contribution and value by building on PSC thought leadership through research, op-eds, columns, speaking engagements, testimony and social media.
  • Facilitate connectivity and collaboration with government civilian agency officials.
  • Contribute to the development of an agenda to inform and influence the next administration.

Members can participate in the council or its committees and task forces by logging in at this link. 
Then select “committees and preferences” and click the box for the Civilian Agencies Council from your options in the councils section. Hit save to complete.

Executive Advisory Board

Council Chair
Dan Helfrich
Federal Government Services Leader, Deloitte

    Bonnie Carroll
Chairman/CEO, IIA
  Gail Bassin
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, JBS International, Inc.
  Tom Romeo
President, Federal Services Segment, Maximus


Paul Leslie
CEO, Dovel Technologies
    Dr. Barbara Rudin
Executive Vice President, ICF

  Patricia Espey-English
Vice President of Marketing, Westat

    Julie Susman
President & CEO, Jefferson Consulting Group

Kathleen Flanagan
President & CEO, Abt Associates

Lynn Ann Casey
CEO, ArcAspicio

   Jerry Hogge
Deputy Group President for Defense Health & International, Leidos