Acquisition & Business Policy Council

The Acquisition and Business Policy Council is the principal body for developing PSC’s positions and taking action on cross-cutting, major acquisition policy issues. Its focus encompasses wide-ranging issues such as multiple award and schedules contracts, the role of contractors, federal acquisition workforce development, commerciality, contract type and competitiveness, requirements development and evaluation strategies, alternative acquisition models, internal and external communication, and industrial base health and competition. The Acquisition and Business Policy Council fosters formal and informal partnerships with policymakers and allied stakeholders, and works toward an outcome-oriented federal services acquisition process through regular meetings, timely programs, and various other avenues.
ABPC's key goals and objectives are to:

  • Shape key procurements.
  • Reduce the burden and cost of compliance on industry by defeating new, non-value added compliance requirements.
  • Increase transparency of government actions by driving adoption of full “Acquisition 360” reviews and improving quality of past performance information and the CPARS system.
  • Improve the acquisition workforce by providing critical support, guidance and leadership on the development and piloting of alternative workforce training tools and opportunities at OMB and GSA.
  • Increase the use of commercial best practices by completing an innovation template and piloting it in 2-3 acquisition components.
  • Promote the industry’s contribution and value by building on PSC thought leadership through research, op-eds, columns, speaking engagements, testimony and social media.
  • Facilitate connectivity and collaboration with government–wide acquisition and business policy officials.
  • Develop agendas to inform and influence the next administration.

Members can participate in the council or its committees and task forces by logging in at this link. 

Then select “committees and preferences” and click the box for the Acquisition & Business Policy Council from your options in the councils section. Hit save to complete.

Executive Advisory Board

    Council Chair
Trey Obering
Senior Vice President

      Larry Prior
President & CEO, CSRA

    Dan Allen 
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Serco

Heidi W. Gerding 
CEO, HeiTECH Services, Inc.

  Brad King
President, RG

      Bill Hoover
Vice Chairman, American Systems

    Tim Cooke, Ph.D.
President & CEO, ASI Government

      Rod Buck
President  & CEO, Vista Technology Services, Inc.

    Daniel Johnson 
President, General Dynamics Information Technology

       Phil Kangas
Principal, Grant Thornton Public Sector

    Dyson Richards
Executive Vice President, RGS