PSC membership is divided into three categories to fit the diversity of the services industry.

Regular Membership

Available to for-profit companies or firms engaged in the business of furnishing professional or technical services to the federal government. Dues are based on Gross Annual Revenue (GAR) and are calculated according to the categories outlined below.

GAR Amount Dues
Less than $3M $750
$3M - $60M GAR * 300
$60M - $100M $20,300
$101M - $300M $28,200
$301M - $500M $32,700
$501M - $1B $39,000
$1B - $4B $43,000
Greater than $4B $46,000

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Associate Membership

Available to companies providing consulting, financial, legal or insurance services to companies that qualify for regular membership.  If your company provides services to the federal government in any capacity, you qualify for Regular Membership.

Financial Institution
Less than $750M in assets
$750M - $10B in assets
Greater than $10B assets

Law Firms
1 - 40 lawyers
41- 99 lawyers
100 or more lawyers

Professional Services Firms
Other Services Firms

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Trade/Professional Association Membership

Available to non-profit trade or professional membership associations representing segments of the professional and technical services industry. Federally Funded Research and Development Centers do not qualify.  For questions on whether your organization qualifies for Association Membership, please contact the Membership Department at

Association Dues
Trade $100
Professional $100

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