Have an Ad in the PSC Annual Report

The PSC Annual Report is an indispensable tool to educate members, industry and government leaders on PSC initiatives and the value of federal contractors. We’re offering members the opportunity to be featured in the Annual Report.

The PSC Annual Report is used and distributed throughout the year at PSC events, meetings and interactions with decision makers. The report is also featured on our website and distributed electronically for extended return on your investment.

To be included,email busby@pscouncil.org. All orders must be placed and Ads received by December 16, 2022. 

Inside Front Full-Page Ad (limit one) - $1,000 - Sold Out
Size: 11x8.5''
Full-Page Ad (limit two)
- $850
Size: 11x8.5''

Quarter-Page Ad (limit five)
- $350

Half-Page Ad (limit three)
- $550
Size: 5.5x8.5''