2019 Vision Agenda

Fairview Marriott, Falls Church, VA

 October 29

8:15 AM  Remarks from PSC
8:30 AM  Breakfast Keynote
Peter Ranks, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise (DCIO(IE)), U.S. Department of Defense
9:15 AM 

Macro-Economic and Defense Topline Forecast
Hear about the overall U.S. economic picture and its impact on a most likely scenario for federal discretionary spending. The DoD Topline forecast is a ten-year analysis of defense budgets including a top down look by appropriation category. (including OCO)

10:00 AM  Networking Break
10:15 AM 

Federal IT Management and Budget
Gain insights on the five-year budget forecast of the federal IT market. The findings provide an analysis of civilian and defense agency spending and includes a review of top-line budgets and trends as well as the impact of government administration policies and procedures on the IT marketplace.

11:00 AM 

Customer Experience Presentation
Discover the priorities and challenges agencies are having when improving CX from the perspective of governance, strategy, performance measures, design thinking, culture, and customer research. Get insights from the Office of Management and Budget, agency customer experience teams, digital services teams, and IT staff. Improving government services is prioritized in the President's Management Agenda and associated guidance along with new legislation, including the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act.

 11:15 AM

Customer Experience Panel

11:45 AM  Luncheon Keynote
1:15 PM Networking Break
1:30 PM  
3:45 PM   End of Day




 October 30

8:30 AM  Breakfast Keynote

Stacy Cummings, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Acquisition Enablers

9:00 AM 

Federal Services Outlook: Defense Services

Federal Services Overview: Civilian Agencies Services

9:45 AM 

Acquisition Trends
Hear about one of the most dynamic aspects of Federal business –what influences agency acquisition patterns – category management, FITARA acquisition initiatives, and innovative contracting to name just a few hot topics. Leadership initiatives as well as reaction from the front-line contracting workforce will be revealed.

 10:15 AM

 Acquisition Trends Panel

11:00 AM  Refreshment Break
11:15 AM 

Industry Outlook
Get the Wall Street view of the federal market with a focus on the defense industry. The forecast includes insights from interviews conducted with equity and financial analysts, and market research specialists.

11:30 AM 

Industry Outlook Panel

12:30 PM  Buffet Luncheon and Awards Presentation
 1:15 PM Keynote
Margie Graves, Federal Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget
1:45 PM Networking Break
2:00 PM  
4:30 PM   End of Conference