2017 Vision Federal Market Forecast 

Member volunteers of the Professional Services Council — through market research and an extensive interview process — gather, collate, and analyze information for the annual Vision Forecast. The forecast includes qualitative and quantitative analysis from 300+ industry member volunteers who participate in the forecasting process. Insights are provided by hundreds of government executives, think tank analysts, congressional staff and Wall Street analysts who take part in non-attribution interviews.

Forecasts include:

  • Government-wide trends on acquisition trends, Federal IT budget and an industry outlook
  • Defense focused on DoD C4ISR & IT, Defense acquisition categories/platforms, international defense, macro-economic forecast/DoD topline, defense services and support
  • Civilian Agency focus on DHS, NASA and other agencies that offer the most opportunity for industry e.g. VA, HHS, Military Health, Justice, Treasury, DOE, State, Transportation, USDA)