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PSC Annual Conference 

The 2017 PSC Annual Conference was held April 23-25 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Hundreds of senior executives of our government technology and professional services industry convened and attenedees heard from top government officials across the agencies discuss critical industry policy trends and priorities. With more than 450 attendees, the conference welcomed leading executive-level speakers and presenters and provided participants with panels, discussions and networking opportunities over two and half days. The 2018 PSC Annual Conference will be held April 22-24 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Join your fellow industry colleagues at what continues to be PSC’s hallmark event of the year.  Watch the digital replay below for a summary of this year's event and click here to read the intelligence report.

Featured Sessions Include:

Cybersecurity: In December 2016, the President’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity released its final report, which contains a number of important recommendations. Kiersten Todt served as executive director for the commission and will provide an overview of both the major recommendations of the report and how these cybersecurity proposals will impact the government contracting market.

The 2017-2018 Budget: The government is currently funded through a continuing resolution (CR) expiring April 28, 2017. This session will discuss the latest information from the Hill and OMB on funding the government for the remainder of FY17 and other looming challenges such as resolving funding levels for FY18, Budget Control Act caps, and the national debt limit.

Innovation & Business Challenges: How does the government generate requirements, acquire funding and accelerate projects to reduce cycle times and increase access to commercial innovation? This panel will explore both how federal agencies acquire innovation and how they drive innovation in their acquisition processes—and the important differences between the two.

Insider Threat: How can you protect your company’s information, networks, assets, facilities, clients and employees from a potential threat? This panel will address how corporate leaders can successfully identify and expose a threat and the importance of understanding the motivation behind insider threats; the consequences of uncovering threats too late; and what successful compliance entails.

International Business: Engage in a conversation on how to successfully build your brand and establish your business across markets and borders, as well as understanding the opportunities and challenges inherent in international business.

100 Days Review: Gain insights and understanding of the Trump Administration’s first 100 days in office. Learn more about what decisions and action have been taken that will affect the government contracting market and where we collectively go from here. 

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