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Prior Approval Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is "Prior Approval?"

A: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires a federal political action committee associated with a trade association (such as the PSC PAC to obtain written approval from eligible member company employees before it may solicit, accept, or process contributions from employees of the member company. Prior Approval may be granted for several years at one time, as long as each year is separately authorized. Only one approval form is required per company.

Q: Why should a company sign a Prior Approval form for the PSC PAC?

A: Granting Prior Approval gives company employees who wish to support the PSC PAC the ability to do so, since the PSC PAC cannot solicit contributions without a signed Prior Approval form.

Q: Can anyone from the company sign the Prior Approval form?

A: Prior Approval may be granted by anyone who is authorized by the company. This includes the company's chief executive or the owner/principal but may also include those designated to represent the company at PSC.

Q: Will the PSC PAC directly solicit employees at my company?

A: That's up to you. By signing a Prior Approval form, you decide whether to allow PSC to solicit all executive and administrative personnel of your company, only the principal and alternate PSC contacts for your company, or only you. You may also give PSC approval to accept voluntary contributions but request that no solicitations be made to company employees. PSC will honor your request.

Q: Our company has its own Federal PAC. Can we still contribute to the PSC PAC?

A: Yes, providing your own PAC rules do not prohibit doing so. Even if your company has a federally registered PAC, your employees can still contribute up to $5,000 each year to the PSC PAC.