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Dues Structure

PSC membership is divided into two categories to fit the diversity of our dynamic industry. Regular members are available to for-profit companies or firms engaged in the business of providing services to the federal government. Associate members are available to companies providing consulting, financial, legal or insurance services to companies that qualify for regular membership.

PLEASE NOTE: During the Board of Directors meeting in June 2024, the Board approved a new dues structure for regular members and approved a 6% adjustment as part of a scheduled 24-month assessment of inflation. For more information, please see below.



2024 Lobbying Disclosure
If you paid dues for the 2024 calendar year: PSC dues are 98% allowable for inclusion in the indirect rates of government contractors. 98% may be deducted for federal income tax purposes. According to IRS regulations, the portion of dues allocable to lobbying activity is not tax deductible. PSC estimates that 2% of your dues is allocable to lobbying activities and, therefore, not deductible. Dues paid to PSC are not deductible as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor for individual assistance in your specific situation.

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