Reverse Industry Days

One of PSC's prime objectives is enabling the government to be a smarter buyer that successfully acquires the services and technology it needs. As the leading association of a diverse group of nearly 400 companies in the technology and professional services sector, PSC is uniquely positioned to engage with the government to improve acquisition outcomes, while remaining neutral about the technology and companies employed to complete the work.

Pioneered originally at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2015, the key objective of a Reverse Industry Day is for government employees to better understand the parallel action industry is taking during the government’s acquisition lifecycle. The discussion is focused on the acquisition process and understanding what industry goes through when deciding to compete for government work. This is especially helpful for government employees who have never worked in our industry.


  • The parallel actions of industry during the government's acquisition lifecycle.

  • Why decision transparency and availability of information impact pre-award bid/no-bid decisions among potential offerors and post-award contract administration.

The key objectives for attending industry is to: 

  • Communicate what are helpful government actions or behaviors that facilitate better information for industry.

  • Leave the government with a few suggestions that can be implemented for the acquisitions in their inbox as a result of the session.

Participating Agencies

Since 2015, PSC has hosted or participated in more than 25 Reverse Industry Days with agencies including:



Reverse Industry Day Overview

Two ground rules exist for these programs:

  1. No selling – This is not an opportunity for industry to discuss their company and;
  2. No whining – Do not complain about a specific procurement.

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Upcoming Reverse Industry Days

Contact for updates and information on upcoming Reverse Industry Days. 


PSC is working with several agencies to host future Reverse Industry Day programs. If you would like PSC to consider a similar program at an agency, please click here to complete form. Contact the PSC policy team at for further information.