Council of International Development

The PSC Council of International Development Companies (CIDC) creates a dynamic, sustainable advocacy platform for U.S. development companies. The CIDC engages in thought leadership and high-level dialogue with the panoply of government agencies working across the entire federal government, among these are USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, PEPFAR, and a host of others, including Congress.  Monthly committee meetings, annual conferences and other special events provide CIDC members with unparalleled opportunities to meet with government officials to engage in crucial dialogues that facilitate these endeavors. In addition to advocating, educating and facilitating engagement on pressing international development issues, CIDC also informs and advocates on contracting, regulatory, legislative, business process and business development issues with key legislative and executive stakeholders.

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Executive Advisory Board
Jan Auman
President, Tetra Tech International Development Services
Tetra Tech, Inc.