Issue Areas

Ensuring the federal government adopts commonsense policies for how it solicits, acquires and manages services and technology from contractors.
Monitoring federal appropriations and budgets and working with policymakers to pursue funding stability.
Working with legislators to ensure enacted legislation promotes the best interests of government, contractors and taxpayers.
Ensuring contractors implement effective ethics and compliance programs and that they effectively balance costs with ensuring compliance.
Navigating federal health agencies for members and advocating for policies that enhance federal access to leading industry solutions.
Engaging with government to better understand and share perspectives on federal law enforcement policies, mission needs, and business practices, specifically as they intersect with industry.
Keeping member companies abreast of policy changes and areas of emphasis in audits, accounting and investigations affecting federal contractors.
Working to implement policies that facilitate federal agencies’ access to the full range of contractors’ capabilities and support a well-balanced industrial base.
Generationally high inflation rates and increased demands on the supply chain have real impacts on our members, including domestic and strategic sourcing challenges, efforts at re-shoring/resupplying, and risk management tools and techniques - all while balancing a global supply chain with FOCI concerns.
Keeping members updated on labor policies and initiatives by OMB, the Labor Department and others, and offering compliance training.
Advocating for members in cooperation with other associations for security clearance reform for government contractors.
Promoting policies that foster small and mid-tier businesses’ ability to thrive in the federal marketplace while preserving opportunities for companies of all sizes.
Advocating for the use of commercial solutions and capabilities-as-a-service to address digital solutions, IT modernization, improved cybersecurity, big data and mobility.
Ensuring a government and contracting workforce that is well trained, well-funded and supported by its leadership.