2020 Defense Strategic Planning Forum

On February 18, PSC hosted the 15th Annual Vision Defense Strategic Planning Forum.  Ms. Jennifer Santos, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy, provided keynote remarks at the event.  Ms. Santos is responsible for analyzing the capabilities, overall health, and policies concerning the industrial base on which the Department relies for current and future warfighting capabilities. Ms. Santos described ongoing efforts to secure the industrial base against foreign adversaries.  She also encouraged attendees to learn more about the recently released Adaptive Acquisition Framework use the resources found at the Industrial Policy homepage, including a Defense Acquisition Welcome Mat that provides key touchpoints for businesses to expand their relationship with DoD. 

Following Ms. Santos’ remarks, Pierre Chao of Renaissance Strategic Advisors provided comments and led two industry panels discussing a wide range of topics corporate strategists need to consider in the year ahead,including budgets, the tectonic plate of innovation, M&A activity, the search for growth, redefining scale, and human capital. Panel participants discussed various approaches to portfolio management and cash deployment in pursuing growth organically or through M&A.  The panels also discussed factors they will be monitoring in the year ahead that will shape future defense budgets and the industry at large. 

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) has a website for the recently released Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) that PSC members should find informative. While this site is intended for DoD’s acquisition workforce, it also provides industry a useful resource. 

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2020 Vision Defense Strategic Planning Forum

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