PSC Calls on Congress to Pass Full-Year Appropriations & Key Legislation

November 14, 2016

PSC wrote to leadership in both houses of Congress and their respective appropriations committees yesterday urging them to fund all federal government operations for the balance of Fiscal Year 2017 by passing a full-year appropriations bill before adjourning for the year—and not to pass another Continuing Resolution (CR). Doing so will ensure much-needed stability for federal missions and the contractors that support them. PSC also called on Congress to pass other key bills before the end of this legislative session.

“CRs create deep uncertainty rather than stable, predictable requirements and resources,” wrote PSC President & CEO David Berteau. “Extending the current CR would undermine critical government missions and functions and the accompanying contractor support on which those missions depend.”

PSC’s letter enumerates several disadvantages of CRs, noting that the incoming president and new administration will face challenges enough without the added uncertainty of funding federal operations under a CR. PSC also called on the Congress to pass the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act, “Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2016,” and other key legislation, rather than squandering bipartisan progress made during this session of Congress.