2021 Law Enforcement Conference Social Media Toolkit

Join the conversation on social media! Below are suggested posts and images for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Check back often for updates as more speakers are confirmed! 

Please reach out to Cassie Katz with any questions. 

Suggested Twitter Posts

  • Join me at PSC’s virtual Federal Law Enforcement Conference on April 20! Register at http://www.pscouncil.org/law_enforcement #PSClawenforce21 @PSCspeaks

  • Join me at PSC’s virtual Federal Law Enforcement Conference! Find out about the latest federal law enforcement technology trends and procurement strategies. Register here >> http://www.pscouncil.org/law_enforcement #PSClawenforce21 @PSCspeaks

Suggested Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

Helpful Hint: Add “@Professional Services Council” at the end of your posts to tag PSC

Images to Attach to Posts
Helpful Hint: To save image, right click on it and select "save image as".