Cybersecurity Policy Working Group

PSC engages directly with the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies on cybersecurity policy formation and implementation, both through staff-level engagements with DCMA, other policy-makers, contracting officials, and senior executive roundtable discussions. Due to the potential impact on member companies of emerging cybersecurity policies, PSC established the Cybersecurity Policy Working Group to address three primary topics:

  1. Seek consistent implementation of cybersecurity clauses and related policies across DoD and other agencies’ related initiatives;
  2. Assess near-term acquisition strategies, policies and initiatives elevating cybersecurity as a key source selection criteria ; and
  3. Engage on the long-term Federal approach to cyber policy and the role of contractors.

This Working Group is ideal for members who want to stay informed on the broad range of topics related to cybersecurity policy and participate in related PSC activities. 

Contact PSC
Stephanie Kostro
Executive Vice President, Policy
Christian Larsen
Sr. Associate, Public Policy