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Previous editions:
CIDC Now 6.13.24 Doing Business with MCC

CIDC Now 5.9.24 Reverse Industry Day 

CIDC Now 4.11.24 CIDC on the Hill

CIDC Now 3.13.24 USAID Speakers

CIDC Now 2.8.24: USAID Procurement Executive

CIDC Now 1.11.24: USAID Bureau of Planning, Learning and Resource Management

CIDC Now 10.12.23: USAID Deputy Director, Office of Acquisition & Assistance

CIDC Now 9.14.23: Upcoming Meeting to Feature Deputy Director, Office of Acquisition & Assistance

CIDC Now 7.17.23: USAID Asst. Admin. for Asia at Upcoming CIDC Meeting

CIDC Now 6.8.23: USAID OSDBU Director at Upcoming CIDC Meeting

CIDC Now 5.10.23: Upcoming Meeting to Feature USAID Deputy General Counsel

CIDC Now 4.13.23: Meeting Featuring USAID Officials from the office of Acquisition & Assistance

CIDC Now 3.14.23: USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe & Eurasia Next Guest Speaker

CIDC Now 2.9.23: Upcoming Meeting with Chief Procurement Executive, Department of State
CIDC Now 1.5.23: USAID Chief Procurement Executive Upcoming Speaker

CIDC Now 12.8.22: CIDC Conference/USAID Chief Procurement Executive Next Guest Speaker  

CIDC Now 10.20.22 USAID A/A of Global Health Upcoming Guest Speaker

CIDC Now 9.22.22: USAID A/A of Global Health at Next CIDC Meeting  

CIDC Now 8.11.22: USAID's Shirley Baldwin Upcoming Speaker

CIDC Now 6.9.22: USAID A/A of Legislative and Public Affairs Upcoming Guest Speaker  

CIDC Now 5.12.22: Upcoming meeting with DOS Director for Strategic Enterprise Programs  

CIDC Now 4.14.22: Upcoming meeting with USAID Interim Counselor  

CIDC Now 3.10.22: Upcoming meeting with USAID OSDBU Director

CIDC Now 10.14.21: USAID Dep. Chief of Staff Next Guest Speaker | Development Conference Registration Open

CIDC Now 9.10.21: USAID Dep. Chief of Staff Upcoming Speaker

CIDC Now 8.12.21: USAID M/OAA Dep. Director of Washington Operations Upcoming Speaker

CIDC Now 7.8.21: USAID's Acting Assistant Administrator for Management on July 15

CIDC Now 6.11.21: CIDC Now - USAID's Mark Walther on June 17th

CIDC Now 4.8.21: USAID PPL Michele Sumilas on April 15th

CIDC Now 3.11.21: USAID GC Margaret Taylor on March 18

CIDC Now 3.12.20: COVID-19 Updates | LPA March 19

CIDC Now 2.13.20: Members of Congress Visit CIDC on the Hill Event | CIDC Meeting with Luis Rivera, USAID

CIDC Now 1.9.20: CIDC Conference Features USAID's Mark Green and DFC's Adam Boehler

CIDC Now 11.21.19: Upcoming Development Conference and more

CIDC Now 10.10.19: USAID Gets Top Marks in PSC's First Annual Business Forecast Scorecard

CIDC Now 9.19.19: Administrator Green to speak at CIDC Development Conf | USAID Compliance Chief Meeting Recap

CIDC Now 8.8.19: CIDC Meets with USAID Chief of the Office of Acquisition and Assistance Professional Development and Training Division

CIDC Now 7.11.19: CIDC Meets with USAID Assistant Administrator for the Middle East Bureau

CIDC Now 6.13.19: CIDC Meets with GAO’s Office of International Affairs and Trade Managing Director

CIDC Now 5.9.19: CIDC Meets with Dep. Asst. Sec. of State for African Affairs

CIDC Now 4.11.19: CIDC Meets with USAID Acting General Counsel

CIDC Now 3.14.19: CIDC Meets with USAID Counselor

CIDC Now 2.14.19: USAID Counselor Chris Milligan Featured Speaker at CIDC Meeting

CIDC Now 1.10.19: #DevConf18 and the Government Shutdown

CIDC Now 11.14.18: AID Administrator Green to Open Dec 4 Development Conference

CIDC Now 10.11.18: Administrator Mark Green Confirmed Keynote Speaker for CIDC Conference

CIDC Now 9.20.18: USAID’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

CIDC Now 8.9.18: State Department’s Office of Acquisition and Management

CIDC Now 7.12.18: Panel on Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and Misconduct in the Field

CIDC Now 6.14.18: CIDC Issues Guiding Principles/Welcomes Lesley Ziman

CIDC Now 5.10.18 - USAID’s Action Alliance to Prevent Sexual Misconduct