At PSC, we begin work on the next issue of Service Contractor magazine as soon as we deliver the previous one.  When the Winter 2020 issue was distributed at January’s CEO Leadership Summit, we had early reports of a coronavirus outbreak, but we did not anticipate the dramatic upheaval it would create for our members, the federal contractor industry, and our government customers.   

That upheaval has already had far-reaching consequences, and at PSC our priorities have been
Keep the entire federal government operating (not just the parts addressing Covid-19)
Keep our member companies working to support those operations
Keep companies and employees paid.

Like most of you, PSC has made significant adjustments to our daily rhythms and to the ways we bring value to our members.  The Coronavirus Resource Center on the PSC web site is a curated repository of government guidance documents, rule changes, and updates for contractors.  Begin each day with the PSC Daily’s list of overnight updates to this resource center.  

If you don’t get the Daily, you can subscribe at; it’s easy to set up an account if you don’t have one already.

This Spring edition of our magazine offers new perspectives on ways we’ve responded to Covid-19.

Leaders from PSC members offer insights relevant to both our current situation and for the long run. Check out the articles by Perspecta’s Josh Verville on IT ecosystems (page 32) and Noblis’ T.C. Folkedal on tech transformation (page 14).

Covid-19 has provided the motivation for success stories in our industry.  Our Council of International Development Companies (CIDC) lead the way in reporting success stories, and one such example is Panagora Group’s “From the Field” report on page 10.  We welcome your submissions across all agencies and types of work for future editions. 

Successes come because technical and professional services contractors are in this business for the long run.  What will that long run look like?  I offer some considerations and key questions in “What Happens Next?” on page 8.

Our members rely on PSC for market intelligence and policy insights.  You will find that in Alan Chvotkin’s policy spotlight (page 7).

We are now delivering insights and access to you via virtual sessions instead of in-person ones.  As with the resource center, the PSC Daily is your best way to be aware of and register for these events.

Our conferences are another way members gain value from PSC. The recap of the Law Enforcement conference is on page 38.  It turns out to be our last in-person conference for a while, as we moved some conferences from the spring to later this year.  

One such move was the signature PSC Annual Conference, now in late October at the Greenbrier.  Get the latest from planning committee chair Bill Vantine of SPA (page 13).  

PSC’s Andrea Ostrander shares additional information on upcoming events on page 12.

More than ever, Covid-19 shows that government contractors are dedicated to supporting public service across all agencies. At PSC, we are committed to helping our members as they do this every day. As always, we need and welcome your input, your perspectives, and your support. 

Thank you!

David J. Berteau, President and CEO

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This article was published in the Spring 2020 edition of PSC's Service Contractor Magazine.