Transition Initiatives for Stabilization Plus (TIS+) Program

By AECOM | September 14, 2017

Combatting Extremism through the Provision of Public Services in Somalia
Dinsoor town, located in the Bay Region of Somalia, has been under the control of the South West State of Somalia since its liberation from Al-Shabab in July 2015. However, as the town remains surrounded by the extremist group, it continues to face significant threats, creating serious access challenges to the communities within Dinsoor. In addition, the roads within the town are in poor condition which limits movement around the city. 

Youth in Dinsoor lack recreational spaces and are often idle, which makes them vulnerable to negative engagement from extremist groups. To address these issues, the TIS+ program has started four construction projects in Dinsoor, which will benefit over 75,000 community members with the aim of strengthening the regional government’s ability to deliver services, reduce isolation, and empower women and youth.

Recently, TIS+ held groundbreaking ceremonies to launch the construction of these projects: a Women’s Center, a soccer field, an airstrip and a road. The ceremony provided an opportunity to the regional government and its citizens to celebrate an important step towards the stability of their town. Abdullahi Adan Ahmed, the South West State Minister of Land and Air Transport, said, “Our region achieved great successes for the past year or so. The construction of the airstrip and other projects started today is a clear sign that people of Dinsoor and their government are united for rebuilding their town.”

The groundbreaking ceremony also bridged the trust deficit between the government and the citizens by showcasing the government’s effort to put their citizens’ needs first. Barliin Ali said, “Dinsoor women appreciate the good work of our government. We feel our government is responding to our needs by starting the construction of the Dinsoor women’s center.”