PSC Urges Congress to Prioritize Full-Year Funding to End Shutdown
and Provide Back Pay for Contract Workers  

Arlington, Va. (Jan. 4, 2019)—The Professional Services Council (PSC) is urging members of Congress to prioritize full-year funding to immediately end the partial government shutdown, and to offer a fair deal for federal contract workers who are negatively impacted by the impasse.

“During this shutdown, PSC is working hard to ensure Congress and the President know the impact on contractors and the importance of equal treatment for contractor employees” said David J. Berteau, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council (PSC). “In the last 22 government shutdowns, Congress has in fact provided back pay to affected government civilian employees. They have never provided that equal treatment for government contract workers.”

In a letter sent to Congressional leaders today, PSC underscored the vital role of hundreds of thousands of workers who support the government through contracts, delivering services to citizens, maintaining and modernizing thousands of information and data systems throughout America. As the shutdown drags on, more and more of these workers are losing their work and their pay.  

“These contractors work side-by-side with their government counterparts, motivated by the same goals of public service and safety. They deserve to be treated the same as their federal civilian counterparts,” Berteau stated in the letter. “PSC urges Congress to provide the same redress for government contractors as it does for federal civilian employees.”

PSC offers various guidance on how federal contractors can best navigate the current shutdown. View our Government Shutdown Resource Center for more information.


Media Contact: 
Ashlei Stevens
Director, Media Relations

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