PSC Statement on Contractors in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va. (Aug. 17, 2021)
Professional Services Council (PSC) President and CEO David J. Berteau issued the following statement regarding the security situation in Afghanistan:  

“For almost two decades, government contractors have provided broad and essential support for U.S. and allied forces, for the Afghan military and other elements of the Afghan government, and for humanitarian and economic development assistance. Their workforces included U.S. citizens, citizens of Afghanistan, and third-country nationals. 

“In light of rapidly degrading security conditions in Afghanistan, the focus of PSC’s member companies has been, and continues to be, on the health and safety of in-country workers and their families. These companies are also continuing to deliver the support required by the U.S. Government under existing or modified contracts. This emphasis has been in place for the past 20 years, as contractors have worked in Afghanistan alongside and in support of U.S. Government civilian and military personnel and our nation’s Afghan partners.

“PSC commends its member companies and all federal contractors who have remained vigilant in pursuing their missions in Afghanistan, throughout the region, and around the world – even when conditions are tenuous and where formal guidance from the U.S. Government may be delayed. I am confident that our member companies will continue all efforts to support their government customers, wherever and whenever those needs may arise.”

To support the efforts of member companies and the U.S. Government in Afghanistan, PSC has for several months been exchanging information with those members, other associations, and relevant federal agencies. A May 13, 2021, letter co-signed by PSC and two sister associations urged close collaboration of the U.S. Government with its contractor partners both during and after the military drawdown. In a July 21, 2021, letter PSC highlighted on-going, time-sensitive industry concerns with the Afghanistan drawdown, including but not limited to evacuation planning and immigrant visa programs. These issues remain an important priority for PSC in the days to come.

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Media Contact:
Pheniece Jones
Director, Media Relations