PSC Statement on President’s FY22 Budget

Arlington, Va. (May 28, 2021) The Professional Services Council (PSC) issued the following statement on the release of President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) Budget Request. From David Broome, PSC Executive Vice President for Government Relations:

“The budget proposes a 16 percent increase over FY21 appropriations for non-defense agencies totaling $769 billion and a small increase for defense, slightly less than inflation,” said David Broome, PSC Executive Vice President for Government Relations. “PSC is pleased to see significant investments in infrastructure, IT modernization, climate, total workforce innovation and public health. PSC calls on civilian agencies to fully obligate the funds appropriated to them to address our nation’s pressing challenges.”

Additional budget information will be released in the coming days and weeks. The following are PSC’s initial key takeaways and implications of the FY22 Budget.

Under this budget request, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency within the Department of Homeland Security would receive $2.1 billion, including an increase of $110 million to support government-wide cybersecurity efforts. That agency received about $650 million in emergency funding under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. As our nation continues fast-paced efforts to reduce vulnerabilities to cyberattacks – like the SolarWinds hack – PSC will monitor this area very closely with an eye to ensuring that final FY22 budget numbers are sufficient to mitigate federal cybersecurity risks.
At $753 billion, the FY22 proposed defense budget includes $715 billion specifically for the Department of Defense – $112 billion of which is for DoD Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E). This RDT&E request, which is more than five percent over last year, includes: $2.3 billion for improving assurance, availability, and access to advanced capability microelectronics; $874 million for artificial intelligence with more than 600 AI efforts already underway; and, $298 million for leveraging 5G technologies and networks for military applications.
The budget request specifically references leveraging federal contractors to help implement critical programs and meet mission needs. Federal contractors will be valuable partners in providing both scale and innovation to the government.
As is customary, Congress will change what the president has proposed. PSC calls on Congress to make those changes and enact full-year appropriations in advance of the start of FY22 on October 1.

“When appropriations are late, agencies are pressed for time to use funds in that fiscal year and there are negative consequences for the government and for the contractors that support them,” Broome stated. “PSC continues to review today’s release and will work with Congress on the priorities important to our member companies and their government customers.” 

Media Contact:
Pheniece Jones
Director, Media Relations