PSC Statement on Signing of Infrastructure Bill    

Arlington, Va. (Nov. 16, 2021) The Professional Services Council (PSC) applauds Congress and the administration on the enactment of the historic infrastructure bill signed into law by President Biden. 

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes much-needed investments in traditional and non-traditional infrastructure. This law, however, is but the first step. The hard part will be implementing its provisions,” said David Broome, PSC Executive Vice President for Government Relations. “Many projects will need to go through numerous regulatory hurdles, requiring technical support and precise adherence to procedures and deadlines. The contractor industry stands ready to support the planning and execution of critical infrastructure programs, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to highlight the increasing risks in global supply chains, the importance of skilled workers, and the need for experience and expertise in compliance with evolving policies.”

“Success will also depend on applying innovation and technology to improve and accelerate results. PSC urges the government to administer these new programs to produce outcomes with tangible benefits for citizens, communities, and the national economy. This means moving quickly to define and fund programs. The right contracting partners in this critical process will help ensure that funding is spent efficiently and effectively and that the intended benefits are realized for government operations and mission delivery,” Broome concluded.


Media Contact: 
Pheniece Jones 
Director, Media Relations