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At midnight on Saturday, January 20, a government shutdown was initiated as appropriations lapsed when Congress failed to reach a deal to fund the government. The longer the shutdown lasts, the greater the impact will be, and it is essential that contractors understand the implications on their operations and what actions they can take during and following the shutdown. The information and resources below address a number of these key questions and will be updated and added to as new developments take place.  

Current and past guidance for selected agencies is available below, with additional agency guidance available from the OMB Repository of Agency Contingency Plans.

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PSC President & CEO David Berteau Discusses Shutdown Uncertainty

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Shutdown News

1/19/18 - Notification to DHS Contractors about a Potential Lapse in Funding
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted to a notice for industry "to advise the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contractor community of the DHS plans regarding actions that may be necessary in the event that contract funding is affected by a lapse in appropriations."

1/19/18 - Agencies Prep for Shutdown
With hopes for a temporary funding bill dwindling, agencies are preparing to shutter operations, taking their cues from OMB, individual agency guidance and OPM policy. One area that will be a priority in the event of a shutdown is cybersecurity. PSC Executive Vice President & Counsel Alan Chvotkin told FCW that while this emphasis is important, contractors would benefit from more communication from agencies, and advised companies to "keep working until the government tells you to stop."

1/19/18 - Impact of a shutdown on contractors means lost wages, project delays    
Government contractors are often overlooked when it comes to the threat of a government shutdown. And as the most current threat becomes more and more real, many are waiting for guidance from their agency customers. PSC President & CEO David Berteau told Federal News Radio that communication is key to mitigating the worst effects of a government shutdown for federal contractors. 

1/19/18 - Everything You Need to Know about a Government Shutdown
As the federal government edges closer to its first shutdown since 2013, the Washington Post offers answers to common questions about the impact of a government shutdown on federal employees, government contractors, and American citizens. 

1/19/18 - DoD Issues Guidance for Potential Government Shutdown
The Defense Department has issued guidance to its military and civilian leadership on how to proceed if the federal government should shut down at midnight tonight, according to a January 18, 2018  memorandum from Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan.

1/18/18 - Nonfederal workers may also be impacted by shutdown
It's not just federal employees who are bracing for word that they need to stay home because their offices have been locked. In many cases, sitting alongside thousands of federal employees are government contractors whose ability to work could be in limbo depending on what happens on Capitol Hill today. PSC president and CEO David Berteau weighs in. 

1/5/18 - A Government Shutdown Doesn’t Always Mean Shutting Down IT
Government shutdowns are stressful times for federal employees--especially when they aren’t sure whether they are among those excepted employees expected to come into work. For IT staff, this can be particularly murky, as technology is linked to critical agency missions.

In its 2013 guidance for creating shutdown contingency plans, OMB addressed the issue directly, stating that IT operations and supporting employees can only continue “if they are excepted activities under the Antideficiency Act, or where their continuation is necessarily implied from a congressional authorization or appropriation of other continued functions.”

Which functions would remain operational during a shutdown varies from agency to agency and office to office. To cut through some of the confusion, and provide a comparison of contingency plans, here’s a look at how major federal agencies plan to deal with IT during a shutdown.

 12/21/17 - Congress Clears Funding Bill, Staving off Shutdown
Congress passed a short-term government funding bill ensuring that Washington will not face a shutdown just days before Christmas. The Continuing Resolution will keep federal agencies open through Jan. 19, giving congressional leaders and President Donald Trump another month to hash out a long-term spending deal for the remainder of fiscal year 2018.

12/7/17 - Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Pushes Back Shutdown Deadline by Two Weeks
Congress has approved a measure to keep the federal government open for two weeks, although the prospect of a longer-term spending deal remains unclear. The Senate voted 81-14 for the stopgap spending package (H.J. Res. 123), which continues current spending levels until Dec. 22 and provides a temporary authorization for the Children’s Health Insurance Program until the end of 2017. Senate passage came Thursday evening after House lawmakers, voting mostly along party lines, approved the bill by a 235-193 vote.

12/4/17 - Agencies Begin Posting Their Shutdown Furlough Plans
At the direction of the Office and Management Budget, and as required by OMB guidance, federal agencies are beginning to update their shutdown contingency plans for the first time since 2015, noting who would continue to work and who would get sent home in the event Congress fails to reach a budget deal.

11/27/17 - Congress Returns With Less Than Two Weeks to Avoid a Shutdown
Congress has returned from recess to face a crowded legislative calendar, with little time to sort out how to keep the lights on at federal agencies next month. Lawmakers must pass a spending deal by Dec. 8 to avert a government shutdown. Earlier this month, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said he expects Congress will approve a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government open until the end of 2017, in order to give members additional time to work out a deal to fund the government through the end of fiscal 2018.

11/20/17 - David Berteau: Will Congress’ budget decision trigger sequestration?
Only days remain until the continuing resolution runs out. Congress will either pass a budget, continue the CR or face a government shutdown. If it passes the budgets we’re hearing about, they could trigger sequestration. David Berteau, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin on how contractors are eyeing the situation. Listen here.

9/28/17 - PSC’s Berteau Discusses Doing Business During a Continuing Resolution
In a webinar on Sept. 27, PSC president and CEO David Berteau, and senior Bloomberg Government analysts Robert Levinson and Cameron Leuthy, discussed the actions that contractors need to take now to grow their business under a continuing resolution, and how they can reduce their exposure if the CR is extended beyond December or a stalemate leads to a government shutdown. The presentation covered strategies such as leveraging multiple-award contracts to get around the CR limits on new program starts, monitoring burn rates, engaging government clients to find out how the CR will disrupt program increases, and planning now for various scenarios this fall. Click here to watch a replay of the webinar.

8/28/17 - Flowcharting a government shutdown for government contractors
President Trump has indicated that he may be willing to let a governmentwide shutdown happen and Congress has routinely let the clock tick down to just before deadline. The last shutdown (fiscal 2014) lasted 16 days and the longest one lasted 21 days in 1995-96. Rebecca Kehoe of PSC member company CohnReznick discusses how federal contractors can prepare.

8/28/17 - David Berteau: What’s the state of federal contracting?
PSC President & CEO David Berteau joined host Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss the possibility of a government shutdown, sequestration, a debt ceiling breach, and other key issues facing government contractors. 

8/17/17 - As Trump’s relationship with Congress frays, companies worry about a shutdown
One of the largest trade associations representing federal contractors is urging its members to start preparing for a shutdown when Congress returns from its August recess. The Professional Services Council, representing 400 government technology and services companies, sounded the alarm this week. 

4/10/2017 - David Berteau on Dealing with Uncertainty
David Berteau joined host Francis Rose on Government Matters Monday to discuss areas of uncertainty for government contractors, including federal budgets, security clearance backlogs, and political leadership vacancies. David noted challenges and opportunities in each of these areas that will better enable contractors to help agencies accomplish their missions.

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