Proudly Supporting the VA in Their Mission to Serve Veterans With Superlative Digital Services

By Andre Francisco

Ad Hoc has been a proud supporter of the Department of Veterans Affairs as it has transformed into a Veteran-centric digital service provider. Veterans, their families, and their caregivers deserve government benefits and services that are easy to use, accessible by anyone, and that treat people with dignity and respect. The VA is a leading digital service provider in government, and Ad Hoc is honored to support the VA’s continuous improvement in how it serves Veterans.  

Reimagining a Veteran-Centric  

Ad Hoc worked with the VA for three years to design, build, and launch with a consistent layout and single login for more than 25 benefits and services that the VA provides. This beta website, separate from the original and developed from the beginning with Veterans’ input, gave users a direct path to the services and information they needed most. Because of Veterans’ overwhelmingly positive experiences with, the VA merged that simple, accessible, and responsive site into a brand-new that has since served as the VA’s front door and has further increased the public’s trust in the VA.  

Health and Benefits mobile app  

To help the VA meet Veterans where they are, we and prime Booz Allen Hamilton supported the VA as it built a Health and Benefits mobile application that consolidated functionality from across mobile apps and gave Veterans who may not have regular access to a computer an easier way to interact with their VA benefits.  

Trauma-Informed Research with Veterans  

While helping the VA design and build a more Veteran-centric experience for applying for benefits, our team partnered with the VA to develop a trauma-informed research practice to help provide assistance to Veterans without triggering existing wounds or creating new ones.

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