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The Defense and Intelligence Council (D&IC) leads PSC’s activities relating to the intelligence community, the military services, and the defense agencies. The D&IC is the principal venue for PSC members to interface with key government officials, provide input on acquisition policy issues, and shape upcoming procurements in the defense and intelligence sector.

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Executive Advisory Board
Neil Albert
NFA Consulting, LLC
Ken Asbury
CACI International Inc.
Sid Fuchs
President & CEO
MacAulay Brown, Inc.
John Gastright
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
DynCorp International
Nuhad Karaki
President and CEO
StellarPeak Corp.
Joe Martore
President & Chief Executive Officer
CALIBRE Systems, Inc.
Maria Proestou
DELTA Resources, Inc.
Carey Smith
President, Parsons Business Unit
Parsons Government Services
Dave Swindle
Group Executive Vice President
Emergency & Contingency Contracting
Industry Workforce & Security Clearances
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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

September 2017

Although each of our contracts supports a mission-critical customer, our “crown jewel” contract for which ACT I is most proud is in support of the Department of Defense’s F-35 Lighting II Program Office. For 19 years, ACT I has supported this customer, whose mission is to define affordable, next-generation strike aircraft weapon systems for the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and our allies. A key component of the program is affordability -- reducing the development cost, production cost, and cost of ownership of the F-35 family of aircraft. In keeping with our corporate motto, “with you every step of the way,” ACT I has supported the F-35 through R&D, Production, and now into Sustainment and Follow-on Management (FoM), demonstrating our ability to meet and exceed the F-35 program’s business and financial management needs and requirements throughout the program lifecycle. 

ACT I provides highly-skilled program management, engineering, logistics, cost estimating, earned value management (EVM), scheduling, budget formulation, and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case execution, and reconciliation experts with veteran experience. We oversee, track, and report upon all major system integrators’ schedule, cost, and performance in the development of the F-35 family of aircraft. In this role, ACT I successfully assisted the U.S. Government, our Allied Partners, and the FMS countries to negotiate more than $1 billion in savings on the core program for the U.S. Services and International Partners and more than $100 million in customer program savings and cost avoidance for three FMS cases.

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