Guiding Principles on Preventing Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse

by PSC's Council of International Development Companies
June 6, 2018

As member companies of the Council for International Development Companies (CIDC), we value a culture of respect and share a collective responsibility to protect the dignity of all our employees and those we serve. 

In addition to fully complying with current laws and regulations, we pledge to take additional actions to:

  • Maintain a working environment free of harassment (including sexual harassment), exploitation and abuse.
  • Strengthen protections for affected populations from such harassment, exploitation or abuse and provide access to necessary treatment or support for those impacted.
  • Work across the development and humanitarian sectors to create a culture of mutual responsibility and accountability to prevent the re-employment of individuals determined to have committed any form of harassment, exploitation or abuse. 

Working individually and collectively, we resolve to:

  • Strengthen our policies, procedures, and practices to prevent, detect, report, and resolve credible allegations of harassment, exploitation or abuse.
  • Enhance our communications and training to raise awareness, build understanding, and reinforce expectations regarding acceptable conduct and the consequences of unacceptable conduct.
  • Reinforce the responsibility and opportunity for anyone to report to the company and/or another appropriate organization credible allegations of harassment, exploitation or abuse without fear of retaliation.
  • Ensure our company reporting mechanisms are appropriate, accessible, respect confidentiality consistent with due process, and properly resourced. 




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