PSC: “Enacting Appropriations is Doing the Right Thing

Arlington, Va. (Dec. 21, 2019)  The Professional Services Council (PSC) welcomed the President’s signing of the FY2020 Appropriations package, and thanked Congress for their bipartisan efforts to fully fund the government and avert another shutdown or a further continuing resolution. 

“Shutdowns and continuing resolutions are no way to run a government, as we saw firsthand earlier this year,” said PSC President and CEO David Berteau. “The stability and predictability that comes from full year appropriations means the government can enter into timely contracts that deliver better results sooner, and at better prices.”

PSC has pushed for the timely enactment of appropriations, citing the devastating impacts that the last shutdown had on critical government missions and functions, the federal contractor community, and the nation as a whole. In a letter to Congressional leadership earlier this year during the shutdown, Berteau highlighted its impacts on the contractor community, stating “hundreds of thousands of workers support the government through contracts, delivering services to citizens, maintaining and modernizing thousands of information and data systems, and operating across the health, law enforcement, training, and infrastructure industries throughout America. As the shutdown drags on, more and more of these workers are losing their work and their pay.”

PSC urges both the Congress and Executive Branch to reach a timely agreement on appropriations for the coming fiscal year, noting that work on FY2021 will begin shortly in the new year and the August 2019 budget deal provided for the FY2021 levels.  

“Since Congress and the President agreed on the two-year spending caps, enactment of these appropriations is an essential step for FY2021 as well,” said Berteau. “Our collective goal must be enacting full year appropriations at the beginning of each fiscal year.”   

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 Jason Yaley
 Director, Media Relations

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