PSC: FY2020 NDAA Supports National Security and Ensures a Robust Industrial Base 

Arlington, Va. (Dec. 20, 2019) The Professional Services Council (PSC) welcomed the President’s signing of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA/ S.1790) and applauded the bipartisan work of the Congress to finalize and approve the conference report.  

“For the 59th year in a row Congress has enacted, and the President has signed, an NDAA. PSC applauds the two Armed Services Committees for crafting a solid bill that supports national security, maintains a robust industrial base, and continues to streamline the Pentagon’s acquisition and contracting policies,” said Alan Chvotkin, PSC Executive Vice President and Counsel. 

The final conference report included a number of priorities that PSC recommended on behalf of its members.  The NDAA will:  

Reform and improve the government-wide security clearance process;
Repeal the authorities for DoD to establish a Defense-unique Cost Accounting Standards Board, and to change technical data rights policies; 
Enhance the financial stability for small business government contractors through accelerated payments; 
Provide additional direction and authority for DoD on cybersecurity and software acquisitions; and
Improve data collection to enforce restrictions on the government’s use of lowest price technically acceptable source selection criteria.  

“The provisions in this NDAA are incredibly important to the government contracting industry.  Their implementation will enhance competition in the federal marketplace, improve government and industry communication, and ensure that the government purchases services in an effective and efficient manner,” Chvotkin continued. 

The conference report was passed by the House Dec. 11th by a vote of 377-48, and was approved in the Senate on Dec. 17th by an 86-8 vote. 

 Media Contact: 
 Jason Yaley
 Director, Media Relations

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