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The Acquisition and Business Policy Council is the principal body for developing PSC’s positions and taking action on cross-cutting, major acquisition policy issues. Its focus encompasses wide-ranging issues such as multiple award and schedules contracts, the role of contractors, federal acquisition workforce development, commerciality, contract type and competitiveness, requirements development and evaluation strategies, alternative acquisition models, internal and external communication, and industrial base health and competition. The Acquisition and Business Policy Council fosters formal and informal partnerships with policymakers and allied stakeholders, and works toward an outcome-oriented federal services acquisition process through regular meetings, timely programs, and various other avenues.

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Executive Advisory Board
Rod Buck
President and CEO
VISTA Technology Services, Inc.
Tim Cooke
CEO & Owner
ASI Government
David Dacquino
Chairman & CEO
Serco Inc.
Heidi Gerding
HeiTech Services, Inc.
Bill Hoover
Vice Chairman
Phil Kangas
Principal, Public Sector
Grant Thornton LLP
Dyson Richards
Senior Vice President
Xcelerate Solutions
Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: NT Concepts

September 2017

Our largest, most transformative contract supports a body of work with foundational impacts to National Security. 

On award, we found the effort severely understaffed and with significant business process inefficiencies causing production delays. Employees were working excessive overtime, felt undervalued, and morale was low; these conditions had measurable negative impacts on our customer’s mission achievement. We needed to build a better workforce and provide the leadership, culture, training, and tools to succeed – all while executing the work. 

We invested over $75,000 in training to improve leadership skills. We gave employees direct lines of communication to their management chain—all the way to the CEO. We increased staffing by 35%, provided skills training for employees (624 trained in 145 courses), and implemented business process improvement tools and strategies to increase efficiencies and decreasing the need for excessive overtime work. We also improved benefits and professional development to our employees under our Total Rewards Program. 

Working closely with the customer and leveraging our cross-training program, we weathered system shutdowns and a continuing resolution stop work with minimal impacts to our employee base. In the first year of the contract, we removed the process delays in most areas and decreased in the remaining areas.  Our actions moved performance to unprecedented levels – resulting in the customer’s mission success. 
About NT Concepts.  NT Concepts delivers advanced geospatial, data analytics, and software solutions, coupled with skillful professional services, to enable mission achievement for our Intelligence, DoD, and Federal customers.  Our approach integrates leading technologies, proven best practices, and deep expertise, yielding innovative solutions to drive operational efficiency and inform critical decision making.  Learn more at
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Alan Chvotkin
Executive Vice President & Counsel

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