PSC Emphasizes Need for Reforms During Security Clearance Transition

June 21, 2018

Arlington, Va. (June 21, 2018) —The Office of Management and Budget released today the Government Reform Plan.  One of its many proposals is transferring responsibility for security clearance investigations from the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) to the Department of Defense (DoD).  The Professional Services Council (PSC) urges the Federal Government to strengthen its commitment to significant process reforms during and following that transition.

“PSC has long focused on helping the government improve security clearance processes and reducing unacceptable backlogs and wait times that impact contractor support to classified government missions,” said David J. Berteau, PSC president and CEO. “We support an integrated effort across the whole of government, but simply moving background investigations from one agency to another will not solve the problems. This consolidation must incorporate changes to investigation and adjudication processes, increase the use of innovative technology, and focus on improved security in less time and at a lower cost. DoD and NBIB must work together to achieve these results.”

PSC has testified before Congress twice this year to highlight solutions to security clearance problems and has worked with the Executive Branch on ways to implement those solutions.

“Leveraging technologies, relying on continuous evaluation, implementing timely reciprocity, and reducing backlogs and wait times should be DoD’s highest priorities as they implement this proposal moving forward,” Berteau continued.  

The timelines and specific steps of this reform plan remain to be determined.  PSC will continue to monitor the government’s actions and provide input to address problems and produce improved results.
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Ashlei Stevens
Director, Media Relations

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